Great Cooking Class in Pleasant Hill

Apple-Pear Croustade Dessert

My friend Jeanette Tiscareno invited me to join her for a cooking class at the Pleasant Hill Adult Education Center in Pleasant Hill. An old friend Vince Aiello was the instructor so I knew the food and company would be good.

We both knew Vince from his days as the owner of Snooker Pete’s Restaurant in Pittsburg.

Nearing 81 he is still very active with his passion… cooking.

The class was on Wednesday, October 24th, at the Pleasant Hill Adult Education Center,  One Santa Barbara Road, Pleasant Hill. The phone number (925) 937-1530.

The menu for the night was five courses (1) Asparagus Cheese Puffs; (2) Orange Salad; (3) Carrot Soup; (4) Chili Rubbed Chicken with Avacado-Mango Salsa; and (5) Apple-Pear Croustade with Dried Bing Cherries, Lemon Pastry & Almonds.

The class was broken up into teams with each team assigned a different recipe. Each team had its own cooking station to prepare its’ dish.

When the cooking was done we sat down and sampled each recipe.

The classes are $35 each. We kept our copies of the recipes to take home to prepare and share our favorites.

I was on the Chili-Rubbed Chicken team. I was useful squeezing limes, finding stuff and washing dishes LOL.  My favorite recipes were the Cheese Puffs and the Croustade.

The next class is Italian Gourmet Cooking on November 14th

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