Cassie & Sandra Wine Women at Vine & Grain in Brentwood

I was walking the STREETS OF BRENTWOOD, waiting for a friend to be fully pampered at a nearby salon, when I spotted an inviting outdoor setting that told me "this was someplace I could cool my heels." Once inside I saw a very neat and orderly wine bar. I walked right past 100's of bottles of wine and a few beer taps (brands I didn't recognize) and chatted up two young women who seemed eager to please. They assured me I came to the right place when I asked if they offered a charcuterie board (artisan cheeses, meats, and accompaniments, snacks to drink wine by). Sandra a German wine sommelier in training assured they did and showed me her offerings. I was pleased to see they list several varieties of wine flights including one with bubbles. I was interrupted by a beep that my friend was ready for pick up. I assured the gals I would be back for more soon.

Open Wednesday - Saturday 1 PM - 11 PM and Sunday's 1 PM - 7 PM. Call (925) 240-4456 to see if they are open Monday & Tuesday I'm not sure. Here's a website you can look at






Titled: Black & Blue Beer, Flatbread, and a View

Launching a new website for yourself is exhausting. It is so much easier doing one for someone else. You can be so much more objective.

The best websites are never done. They continue to evolve. If they don't why should a person ever visit a second time?

This is actually one of the nice things about the web. When you print something on paper you have to live with it.

I needed a break from working a long weekend. So I visited one of my favorite new stops. Moresi's Chopshop has an intimate feel, the staff is friendly, and the food is excellent.

The bar was full so I grabbed a window seat, took in the view and looked over the menu.

I like beer and I'm not fussy about it. I can drink them all just fine. I do stay away from bacon flavored though. That was a no Bueno experience and the only beer I ever left behind.

The flatbread arrived reeking of garlic (fine with me). The menu said "chefs choice" on the toppings and I didn't ask. This one had corn, assorted cheeses, basil and of course lots of garlic. It was prepared well but before I order this again I'll ask if today's chef's choice toppings include some sort of relevant spicy processed meat by-product before I order this again.

I found out too late they offer a variety of tacos on Tuesday's. Next time.

Moresi's ChopHouse, Clayton




Our original website, January 2001, serves Antioch, Brentwood, Oakley & Pittsburg, CA