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Olive Garden  |  Applebees  |  Black Angus


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Fleming's  |  Morton's  |  Ruth Chris



Three suggestions for 2022


(1) Focus on Your Popular Food Items

Signature dishes, good photos, and priced to sell. Keep it fresh, update it often.


(2) Maximize Online Ordering

Feature new menu items, good descriptions, and keep it properly organized. Reward your visitors for viewing your pages and they will reward you with orders.


(3) Take Advantage of Automated Emails

Every customer is added to your customer database and ready to be emailed offers and announcements from you. Already included in your plan.





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Full-Featured Websites Setup For You In Days

* AMAZON HOSTING Fast and secure (security certificate included)  

* MENU MANAGEMENT structured data format. Updates easily, mobile phone/search engine friendly, NO MORE PDFs, get a QR code for your menu.





* THIRD-PARTY DELIVERY APPS are easily added

* EMAIL SUBSCRIBE BOX with email tool management included

* SOCIAL MEDIA DASHBOARD manage everything from one place

* PRIVACY & ACCESSIBILITY POLICY keeps you in compliance

* ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEM easy to use and powerful

* NO LONG TERM CONTRACT TO SIGN pay month-to-month stop whenever you like.

* FULLY SUPPORTED easily maintained.


Question. Does your online ordering system include an EMAIL TOOLKIT built-in? Ours does.


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