Now and Then - Artists Journey Exhibit

12/6/2023 - 12/31/2023
Wed-Sun 12-5pm
Moraga Art Gallery
432 Center St.,

Moraga Art Gallery welcomes a new exhibition, “Now and Then-Artists Journey,” through December 31.

The show features the works of member artists, Margaret Lucas-Hill and Susan Erickson with guest artist, Linda Ellinwood. The exhibit will include works by more than two dozen gallery members and guest artists.

Margaret Lucas-Hill, over a time span of fifty years, as an artist has gone from metal work to glass work. She has worked creatively from advertising layout to self-expression, from original painting to production lines and back again. Margaret consistently returns to oil painting on canvas and then painting on silk with fabric dyes, and many, many things in between.  “I have enjoyed the challenges, accepted that there is some media that is not for me and emerged as a painter which sometimes turns into mixed media or collage.  Each work is an experiment in its own way but, looking back, I am happy to say that my style has been quite consistent.”     

Susan Erickson’s art is not about making images using various techniques, products and sometimes words but it is much more about seeing what has been created in the past and present. “Past artworks evoke thoughts of my good and mediocre art and always …what’s next? Using a bit of humor I title work and often include “words that may bring back a memory or smile”.

Linda Ellinwood’s stunning collection of nature’s bounty will grace our gallery as our guest artist. Her forte is finding and arranging examples of nature’s bounty–seed pods, leaves, branches, and much more –and arranging them into intimate, haunting, and often surprisingly beautiful sculptures. 

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Now and Then - Artists Journey Exhibit

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