About Face Exhibit Open

Wed-Sun 12-5pm
Bedford Gallery
1601 Civic Drive,
Walnut Creek

Bedford Gallery presents About Face, an exhibition that explores the tradition of portraiture through a contemporary lens. The show features nearly 100 local, national and international artists and examines how current societal values such as beauty, power, and cultural significance may be perceived by future generations. The exhibition runs through June 25, 2023.

The artists in About Face challenge traditional portraiture with current concepts, perspectives and media that reflect the individual. Some, like Dennis Brown, focus on underrepresented BIPOC bodies, while others, like Andy Warhol, use unconventional media, such as 4-minute film portraits called Screen Tests. The artists also break compositional norms, as seen in Marbie's painting Every Time, which depicts the full human form using brightly colored shapes. Despite their different intentions, the artists in About Face share a common goal of reexamining the age-old tradition of portraiture in present-day contexts.

Admission $5 

Children 13 and younger free.


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About Face Exhibit Open

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