Spring Exhibit Show

Wed - Sun 12-5pm
Moraga Art Gallery
432 Center Street,

Moraga Art Gallery welcomes “Spring Exhibit 2023,” open through June 4th, featuring the eye-catching works of two member artists, Danguole Rita Kuolas and Pat Prosek.  

Also featured are watercolor paintings of classic California landscapes by guest artist Donald Dupont. The exhibit will include works by more than two dozen gallery members and guest artists. 

Danguole Rita Kuolas

From an early age, Kuolas has been fascinated by printmaking, especially black and white linoleum and woodblock prints. This influence stems from her native country of Lithuania, where there is a strong tradition of printmaking. (more)


Pat Prosek

Pat Prosek, is a printmaker who produces mainly monoprints in her studio called Under Pressure Press in Lafayette.  A monoprint is an original work of art, painted by the artist, using printing ink on a surface, and then run through a press. There are no copies involved. Parts of a monoprint can be used again, but the ensuing print will never be exactly the same. (more)


Guest Artist, Donald Dupont

Don Dupont has been an artist and art educator most of his life. He received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Massachusetts, and a Master’s Degree in the History of Art with a focus on Ancient Greek Art, from Indiana University. This led to several years of archaeology field and nautical excavations at various sites in Greece, contributing further to his understanding of the Ancient Greek design vocabulary. Building upon this knowledge, Don opened a woodworking business specializing in creating furniture and furnishings serving the greater Bay Area, and displaying his work in a variety of galleries, both locally and beyond. (more)


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Spring Exhibit Show

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