Fun on the Farm

1/15/2022 - 1/29/2022
11 - 2 PM
Forrest Home Farms
19953 San Ramon Blvd.,
San Ramon

Fun on the Farm Activities is FREE crafts and activities that highlight farm life and the late Victorian era.  These Saturday events are an opportunity to step back into history and enjoy the simple things of life.  

Jan 15    Embroidery Victorian’s loved to embroider. Come learn some basic embroidery stitches and see what you can create.

Jan 22    Calling Cards Learn about the history of calling cards, what they were for, different signs and meanings, and make your own calling card to take home.

Jan 29    Snowflakes Experiencing snowfall in the San Ramon Valley is not very common.  However, settlers to the valley often came from different states, enduring weather from all 4 seasons.  Learn about the uniqueness of a snowflake and make a one-of-a-kind popsicle stick snowflake to enjoy at home.

Fun on the Farm

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