James Regan Live in the Taproom

6:30 PM
Calicraft Brewing
2700 Mitchell Drive,
Walnut Creek

James Regan Duo featuring members of The Deadlies. The Deadlies bring a bright blast of sound evolving from the California surf scene and roadhouse honkytonks and swing with free-wheelin' references of the best of punk & rock - raw, real and FUN! features entertaining vocalist and rippin' guitarist, James Patrick Regan, Napa Valley's KVYN 99.3 FM "Good Morning, Bob!" radio host Bob St. Laurent grooving the Bass! The two rebrand the power-pop surf sound and are loaded for bear with chops and hooks making them the Deadliest of Surf bands.


See the Beverage Lineup in the Calicraft Brewing Taproom


Golden Gate Gyro Food Truck 3-8 PM

Chicken & Lamb Gyros, Rice Plates & Salads


(925) 478-8103
James Regan Live in the Taproom

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