Mario Hodge Comedy Weekend @ Cap's

Show 9:00 PM
Cap's Restaurant
144 Oak St.,

Headlining the Cap's Comedy Show Weekend  Fri. & Sat., August 20th & 21st.

Fine dining, great cocktails, and a lot of laughs!

Mario Hodge was born & raised in Oakland, CA. He was inspired to be a comedian as a child by watching sitcoms like Sanford & Son, The Richard Pryor Show, The Carol Burnett Show, and the Three Stooges. After seeing In Living Color he knew he wanted to be on stages.

Mario Hodge stepped on the stage in 2012. He rose fast in the comedy industry due to his creative writing and animated style. In 2016, he had the #1 selling, 1-hour comedy special in California called "I Can't with You." His comedic style is compared to the likes of Jamie Foxx, which is his favorite comedian of all time.

He has worked with Charlie Murphy, Tony Roberts, Mark Curry, Luenell, Sinbad, Mo'nique, Adele Givens, Tommy Davidson, and he tours all over with Faizon Love. He has also become a fan favorite on social media platforms with his character "Fleek'isha" and with his hilarious parodies of R&B singers. He worked hand and hand with Kevin Hart in 2018 and chosen to be featured on Kevin Hart’s new show called "Hart of the City, which appears on Comedy Central in 2019.

Comedian Mario Hodge is a must-see when he comes to your town. His creative mind and his hilarious animated style will have you crying with laughter and wanting more. Excerpt from Mark Elliot @ A List Musiq

Tickets $20

(925) 634-1025
Mario Hodge Comedy Weekend @ Cap's

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