WCYC Valentine's Day Take-Out Dinner For Two!

6:00 PM
Walnut Creek Yacht Club
1555 Bonanza St.,
Walnut Creek

Come and pick up your Valentine's Day Dinner, for a romantic night chez Vous (at Home)!

WCYC is closed on Sundays, and Valentine's Day is on a Sunday this year, so please pick up your dinner for two on Saturday, February 13.

Five Course Pick Up! Valentine’s Day Menu for Two $90 
(Pre-order and pick-up Saturday, February 13) 
* Amuse Bouche, Cupid’s Oyster Shooter, bloody mary sauce (contains vodka, can be made without). 
* First Course, Red Bell Pepper & Crab Bisque, wcyc cracker, dill crème fraiche 
* Second Course, Spinach & Bacon Salad, watermelon radish, beets, crispy onion, horseradish aioli 
* Main Course, Idaho Trout Valentino, scallop & lemon mousse, pink peppercorn sauce, mushroom rice pilaf, honey glazed carrots  
* Dessert, Chocolate Love Potion #21421, warm, spiced, Aztec chocolate shot, bittersweet chocolate & rum truffle, dark chocolate pot au crème, espresso shortbread cookies. 
This menu comes with easy to follow instructions to assemble and reheat on Valentine’s Day, to impress your Valentine! 
(925) 944-3474
WCYC Valentine's Day Take-Out Dinner For Two!

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