Gobble Til Ya Wobble Poker Tournament $300 Added!

12:00 PM
19th Hole Casino & Sports Bar
2746 West Tregallas Rd.,

Saturday November 23rd 2019 @ 12:00 Noon. 19th Hole Casino will be having a $300 added No-Limit Hold 'Em poker tournament, The Gobble Til Ya Wobble is a $100 + $10 entry fee for the buy-in.

- Players receive $6,000 chips to start. Before 2:30 p.m. you may re-enter into the tournament for the original $100+ $10 buy-in. At the dinner break, there is an add-on offering of $50 for 7,500 in tourney chips. (Around 4 pm-5-pm window)

- 15min blinds before the break; 20 min blinds after dinner
- Dealer Appreciation of $10 gets you 2,500 additional starting chips. Early sign-ups until 11/16/19 get you 2,500 extra starting chips. See the cashier cage for details.

. The tournament pays 10 places (based on 40 players) with a $1,500 Guaranteed first prize (Based on 50 players).

- We will be playing Limit and/or No-Limit Texas hold'em after the tournament.

- See photos and stories of the Gobble Til Ya Wobble poker tournament & results on and
- (925)301-8240 (Cardroom)

(925) 757-6545
Gobble Til Ya Wobble Poker Tournament $300 Added!

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