Blue Moonshine Band

9:00 - 1:00 AM
Vinnies Bar
2045 Mt. Diablo St,

It is a rare and exciting event to be able to dance by the light of a blue moon. That is exactly the reason why Blue Moonshine was formed: To bring the feeling of a unique event to life with music and dance


Blue Moonshine draws together a musical blend of rocking dance tunes that everyone knows and loves while creating the perfect atmosphere for all to enjoy. Driving off everyone’s daily worries for a brief window of freedom and excitement, keeping the dance floor packed, and having a great time doing it is what the boys in Blue Moonshine are achieving. With the addition of the full Blue Moonshine light fixtures, each Blue Moonshine gig is a traveling party everywhere the road takes them.


2017 brings an exciting time for Blue Moonshine, as the Classic Rock Dance Party continues throughout the East Bay Area with Jeff Gruwell on Guitar, Michael G. DiFrancesco on Drums, David Cline on lead vocals and George Trout on bass.


Let's Keep On Rockin!!!

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Blue Moonshine Band

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